The Two of Swords: Part 6

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For me to tell you about what each character is like would be a spoil because some characters you meet first in another POV, but when you get their own POV you then learn who they really are.

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For me to even tell you what characters get a POV outside of Tuecer and Mucen would be a spoil, because then you will know which characters are still alive and in which direction the story may be be going! Really, one of the only things I want to tell is that, to put it simply, the main character of this story is the war itself — for the Volume 1, at least. The other thing I want to tell you about is the craftsman guild. Which is literally what sounds a like. A guild for craftsman. This has a very small role at start, barely noticeable in first few novellas, but by the end, you begin see Parker has something up his sleeve.

What the craftsman have, or know how to do, is read Tarot cards. Stay with me for a sec. I know nothing shout out to my man up in the North about Tarot cards, thus I have no idea if the cards he talks about and how to interpret them are the real thing or not. A matter a fact, each chapter titled is named after after one of the cards, and coincides with a specific character.

The biggest issue I had, and it was right about when I had the realization of what Parker was doing that I was able to accept this, is that he is using the characters to tell us about the war. I loved Tuecer. He is still my favorite.

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For someone who is a character-reader first, this can be hard to swallow. One last thing, that I must mention, is the pacing: this novel can be very slow at moments. If you have read anything by Parker before, you know exactly what I am talking.

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I know some readers LOVE his prose and this aspect of his writing does not bother them. For me personally, it all depends on how caught I am in the story. This a essentially an alt-history story, so for those slow moments, I could see some readers saying it feels like they are reading a history book. Outside of the handful of slow moments, I am highly doubtful that many readers could have anything bad to say about the plot.

To tell this story how Parker is: passing it off from one character to the next, as they meet each other; having it so the story is always moving forward, never leaving any gaps out… the amount of planning that must have gone in to that? I cannot even imagine. This really does sound fantastic! How does it affect the characterisation and how you warm to different people?

Soldiers war for the will of the people. Warriors speak bold words of faith. Soldiers give status reports. Soldiers fear men and obey people.

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Warriors fear the Lord and obey God. Warriors are seasoned by the battles of life. Soldiers fight for just a season of life. Soldiers give status reports of what is. Warriors give status reports of what could be. Soldiers follow orders. Warriors follow the spirit of the order. Soldiers accept some losses. Warriors recover all.

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Lisa unpacked this one a bit and said this incredible statement: Warriors understand all victories begin in private. Be a warrior. Battling beside you, Shelley Johnson. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required.

The Two of Swords: Part One

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. He warns that he will not remain with Arthur long and that Arthur must guard his magical scabbard carefully, for the woman he trusts most will steal it from him. Arthur gives the scabbard to his sister Morgan le Fay for safekeeping, and she gives it to her lover Accolon.

Book Review: The Two of Swords, Volume 1 (The Two of Swords #1-8) by K.J. Parker

Merlin tells, too, of the battle of Salisbury, against Mordred. After these revelations, Arthur lies sick and heavy with thought. A moaning knight rides by, and Arthur sends Balyn to bring him back.

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Balyn brings the knight, parting him from his lady, and as they approach Arthur's pavilion the moaning knight is murdered by a knight named Garlon, who is invisible. Balyn returns to the dead knight's lady, taking over his quest. Another knight joins them and is similarly slain by the invisible knight. They bury him and on his stone appears a prophecy of Gawain's vengeance on Pellanor. Balyn and the damsel ride on, come to a castle, and Balyn enters.

A gate drops, separating him from his lady, and men set on her as if to kill her. Balyn climbs a tower, leaps a wall to help her, and learns that in this castle every passing maiden is bled, for a dishful of some maiden's blood will cure the sick lady of the castle.

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Balyn bleeds the maiden himself, without harming her, but the blood is not pure enough-only that of Percival's sister will do, and she will die giving it. Now Balyn is directed to King Pellam's castle, where he will find Garlon. Balyn kills Garlon before Pellam's eyes, and Pellam fights to avenge his brother. Losing his sword, Balyn takes a marvelous spear and strikes with that. The castle falls to the earth, all but Pellam and Balyn are killed, and the land goes to waste. Balyn has struck the Dolorous Stroke.

Merlin rouses Balyn and tells him that Pellam will not be whole until Galahad heals him in the Grail Quest, for this is the country where Joseph of Aramathy brought "parte of the bloode of oure Lorde. Balyn parts from Merlin and rides grieving through the Wasteland. When he has passed out of it he comes upon a knight who grieves because his lady has missed her assignation. Balyn helps the knight find the lady — sleeping in an ugly knight's arms.

In a rage, the jealous lover strikes off their heads as they sleep, then mourns worse than before, for he has killed what he loved best; then he kills himself. Again Balyn is to blame. Miserable, Balyn rides on and comes to a castle where he is told he must fight a knight who guards an island of ladies. One of the knights of the castle lends Balyn a shield better than his own. Balyn fights the guardian of the island in order to pass, and because Balyn does not have his usual shield, the island guardian — Balyn's brother — does not recognize him.