Media Space 20 + Years of Mediated Life

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A third study reports on the sense of co-presence users experience when building collaboratively a piece of Lego toy [5. The sense of co-presence is the extend to which users fell present with their remote partner.

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In this final study the sense of co-presence is investigated by looking at the word used by users when referring to the physical objects they are manipulating during their interaction as well as when referring to locations in the collaborative workspace. We believe that such effort provide a solid stepping stone for evaluating and analyzing future media spaces. Link to Publisher's Version. Alem, Leila.

London: Springer; Hart and L. Findeli and A. Mcdonald , Studying actions in context: a qualitative shadowing method for organizational research , Qualitative Research , vol. Morel and C.

Literature review

Licoppe and J. Morel , Video-in-Interaction:??? Talking Heads???

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    Machine Learning and Data Science

    Lipson, and M. CHI '06 , pp. Oulasvirta, S. Tamminen, V. Roto, and J.

    (PDF Download) Media Space 20+ Years of Mediated Life (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)

    Rainie and D. In their defense, this was all pre-Skype and pre-MechTurk. Alex Edgcomb and Frank Vahid.

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    • Presence in video mediated interaction : case studies at CSIRO.
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    • Privacy perception and fall detection accuracy for in-home video assistive monitoring with privacy enhancements. This paper focuses on a very specific application.

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      You have a fixed camera on grandma's living room. We're gonna filter the video to give grandma some degree of privacy. Can you still determine when Grandma has fallen down? Took 23 video clips of the same scene with the actor doing different things. Sometimes the actor falls, sometimes not.

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      Note that the scene and camera are fixed. They have a background image. They can segment the foreground silhouette of person and put a bounding box around that for the region of interest. Tested 5 filters: silhouette, blur, box redact on the bounding box , oval redact on an oval inside the bounding box , trailing-arrows using ActionScript -- trace of centroid of person with trailing arrows indicating prior activity.

      They found that the oval filter provided the best tradeoff between detection accuracy and privacy protection in this context. It mostly redacted the person, but you could see just enough of the extremities to detect the fall in most cases. This was a surprise to them. They wanted the trailing-arrows to win. It did great at privacy protection, but was terrible at fall-detection.

      publications | Paul M. Aoki

      People did not understand it. To me, this was a classic case of engineers designing a system that might work well for other engineers, but not to their actual users. ACM Group. November