Healthy Cities and Urban Policy Research

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In order to pursue this goal and the SDGs, we must ensure that all citizens and communities, regardless of income, social status, or gender, have access to the quality health services they need with sufficient financial protection. Create your own review. This is an old version of our website and it is no longer updated.

Global Report on Urban Health; Equitable, Healthier Cities for Sustainable Development

For more updated information, please check our new website. Filter by year All years Healthy Cites and Urban Policy Research is a collection of papers by leading experts from academia or international organisations who have been involved in the Healthy Cities Movement.

It is the first academic work to combine public health with urban planning. Contemporary issues from various perspectives are included which address evaluation, evidence-based practice, accountability, community participation and information technology. Enter your Postcode or Suburb to view availability and delivery times.

Through research, advocacy, policy and capacity building the initiative engages with key stakeholders and the public for transformative action and impact in society. As the environments we inhabit affect our health, urban and transport designs that promote healthy living are needed. Cities offer opportunity , and are drivers of innovation and wealth creation.

For many, growing inequalities limit the benefits of urban life and exacerbate negative impacts.

Healthy Cities and Urban Policy Research / Edition 1

Health is an indicator of and a prerequisite to sustainable development. Natural disasters, epidemics and climate change highlight the intertwined existence of humans and their environment, nowhere more so than in cities. There is growing awareness of the need for resilient urban environments that can protect and promote both population and planetary health. Estimations showed that the biggest share in preventable premature deaths was attributable to increases in physical activity, followed by exposure reductions in air pollution, traffic noise and heat.

Many cities across the world are beginning to shift their mobility solution away from the private cars and towards more environmentally friendly and citizen-focused means. The likely effects of such policies are significant reductions in traffic related air pollution, noise, and temperature in city centers.


These reductions are likely to lead to a reduction in premature mortality and morbidity.