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Download Paper Registration Form. He asks incredulously, "[ Afterwards we are shown the incident in question, with the pejorative branded on Sweet Bro's clothes, in a manner reminiscent of the classic novel, "The Scarlet Letter. This tragic and highly speculative episode centers on the futility of Bro's attempts to return a spoon to its drawer. After failing to open the drawer for the first time, Jeff begins to mock him while spectating from a nearby table. Notes written by Jeff begin to appear, expressing frustration as Bro fails to open the drawer time and again.

The meaning of these notes is left ambiguous. It could be taken to mean that this routine is so common that Jeff has predicted it in advance, explaining his relaxed tone in person and frustrated tone in the notes. Alternatively, it could represent his mental notes as he watches Bro attempt to insert the spoon yet again, while maintaining his calm facade.

The question remains unanswered, and Bro makes many more unsuccessful attempts before completely ripping the drawer from its slot. The episode ends with Bro still enraged at the perceived impossibility of his task, while Jeff continues to neglect Bro and instead eyes Sweet Bro's Mother's behind, no doubt reminiscing about their implied intercourse in episode two in a brilliant nod to the continuity of the series. Curiously, his speech or perhaps thought? It is possible that this was an experiment by the author to indicate the fanciful and escapist nature of the idea.

This episode's portrayal of the relationship of our two protagonists undoubtedly casts the series in a new light. Could Bro be living with a mental disability? Is Jeff his assigned, yet neglectful caretaker, or has Bro's disability affected him as well? Is Bro really sweet?

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Is this sudden shift in drama due to the comic's authorship passing from Dave Strider to Davesprite or maybe even the SBaHJifier , and his subconscious decision to have SBaHJ mirror the deep psychological issues he has developed? Does Lord English have something to do with it? Answer: probably. Despite being the most critically-acclaimed episode of the series, it was met with fan outrage over the newfound drama. Accusations of " Jumping the Shark " and " Cerebus syndrome " abounded. For some, it can be difficult to remember the spirit of SBaHJ.

Indeed, the light of us true fans shines like a beacon of hope over the tides of the largely uneducated fanbase. This time, he doesn't jump a million feet in the air as if he was Superman, and instead goes to play basketball the way a normal person would do it. Hella Jeff takes the place of a commentator, first exclaiming that he is about to "wreck some havoc", and then attempting to calm the readers by announcing that he would prefer a time out. The Big Man then turns to the audience, again showcasing the ingenious animation capabilities of SBaHJ not shared by any other webcomic, and, sitting on a backways chair it is left ambiguous if it is any different from a real chair , talks to the dedicated readers of SBaHJ.

However, his intentions aren't that great; he just wants to keep it real about the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. This is most likely a reference to the mainstream MS Paint Adventures getting most of its ads sold for not safe for work comics. The advertisement can be bought, again through Project Wonderful with a varying price that usually stays between the one and two dollar marks. In this episode, the reader is politely requested to buy a shirt. The shirt in question is yellow, with the panel in which Jeff gives his warning about stairs on the front of it, undoubtedly another nod to the continuity of the comic.

It brings a certain air of nostalgia, allowing the reader to reflect on simpler times. An "x-treme zoom" reveals that Geromy is cleverly hidden in the bottom right corner of the shirt. To clear up any possible confusion, the reader is reminded that the shirt only includes Jeff and Geromy, and that there is not a picture of someone falling down stairs. It is then revealed that the shirt is also available in blapck, and the episode ends with a picture of a skateboarder. Since skateboarders have a connotation of being radical, it is likely that the skateboarder is included to make the shirt seem even more radical than it already is.

The fact that the shirt "glowns in the dark" is revealed, perhaps as yet another persuasive reason for the reader to purchase the apparel. A prompt then follows to buy the shirt to find out which of the statements is true. This represents how it is human nature to be confused when presented with two conflicting facts, and the inner sense of needing to clear up the mystery and find out which is true.

The advertisements for buying the shirt seem to also promote going on a journey of self-discovery and awakening, so that one might learn more about themselves, just as buying the advertised merchandise would leave one enlightened by learning whether or not the shirt glows in the dark. The episode begins with another political statement, depicting Barack Obama, the 44th and current president of the United States at the time of the publishing of the comic, with the same graph of the economy's plummet, likely into the fiery pits of hell.

It is interesting to note that years are plotted against time, perhaps a nod at the well-known colloquialism "time is money". However, the author then states that he "forogot the point [he] was making", suggesting a theme of the inner confusion that results when one is presented with economic matters. After a series of adverts for the official merchandise, we are treated to the comic's first ever Halloween Special.

Being released on the 26th of December, it is no doubt symbolic of how Christmas' commercialism continues to invade the joyous holiday that is Halloween. The comic begins with Dracula and a Jack-o-Lantern, attempting to stop us from reading the ensuing horrors worse than they that are sure to come in this issue. Hella Jeff enters stage left, dressed as a vampire. He attempts to make our fear of him subside by using colloquialisms when telling us that he will feast on our blood "pretty soon" he says.

This is interrupted when Bro appears and lets out a loud scream, perhaps in shock that his best friend is now a vampire, or maybe in sadness at what he must do. At that moment a pile of nachos falls from the sky, distracting Jeff, allowing Bro to pull out his "duedly" [sic] firearm and graphically murder his former best friend.

Experiencing the Sweet Pain of Van Life Voyeurism

The narrator asks us, "Are you next? We can safely assume that Bro has tasted bloodlust and is going to become a monster worse than Jeff.

The comic closes with Jeff's bullet-riddled body, lying on the floor smiling, hinting either that he is glad that the curse of immortality has been removed from him forever presuming Sweet Bro succeeded , or that he is amused my Sweet Bro's futile attempts at ending his life, and that he, like every good horror villain, will return presuming Sweet Bro failed.

This episode opens with Sweet Bro leaning against a brick wall, holding a skateboard. In the background, Hella Jeff approaches, seeming very excited as he tries to get Sweet Bro's attention. He comments that he had heard a rumour that a "fat ugly nunsack" in the vicinity was a divine gift to grinds. Sweet Bro makes some sort of guttural sound, then proceeds to turn his head in a series of small shots.

Still leaning on the brick wall, he asks: "Whoof want to know? Continuing from where the previous episode left off, we see Sweet Bro on his skateboard, with Hella Jeff to the left, narrating Sweet Bro's adventure. Mysteriously, Sweet Bro is able to levitate or fly into the sky with his board, achieving what can only be described as " unreal air ".

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He lifts off into the sky, passing a cloud, as Hella Jeff watches in awe. Geromy then points out the attractive derriere of someone partially in frame.

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  • This person seems to be Sweet Bro's mother, who had previously appeared in episodes two and eighteen. Hella Jeff turns to regard this person, ignoring his friend's supernatural abilities with the skateboard.

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    Episode twenty-six returns to the self-contained nature of earlier comics. The scene opens with Sweet Bro examining himself in a mirror. With an abundance of profanity, he expresses disgust at his own appearance. His solution is to shave his beard with his electric razor. While initially he attempts to plug the razor in an electrical socket, he reminds himself that it runs on batteries, and thus does not need to be plugged in. Finally, he commences his shaving. His hairs then fall due, presumably, to the effect of gravity.

    In a shocking twist, the hair falls on the sleeping Hella Jeff's face. This wakes him up unpleasantly. We then cut to an outside shot. It is night, and we are given a scenic look at the crescent moon and an owl hooting. Inside the house, we see that Sweet Bro was inexplicably doing his shaving while sitting in Hella Jeff's bed.

    Hella Jeff then asks the rhetorical question of "What is wrong wish this picture? A possible moral to this tale is that we inadvertently pollute the environment of others: a course of action which causes only animosity. In this comic, "Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff got to church!


    Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

    Sweet Bro is shown relaxing in his pew, while Hella Jeff is praying in the pew behind him. Sweet Bro turns around and notices that his friend is praying wrong, as his hands are not touching. Sweet Bro seems angry about this, even though he himself wasn't praying at all. Though, Hella Jeff also isn't the most religious person ever, as his speech bubble reading "god", when viewed through a mirror, reads "sports". We are shown in a close-up view exactly what Jeff is doing wrong.

    Sweet bro attempts to correct him by forcing his hands in place, however this proves to be very difficult. The images of Sweet Bro trying to fix Hella Jeff's hands continuously repeat and shrink smaller and smaller until the whole thing becomes ridiculously small, distorted and strangely colored.

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